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3rd Grade


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Guess Who Ramped Up Their Reading Energy With Reading The Most  Books In myON During The Month Of January? 
(Grade 3-Ms. Powe's Class-Points Attained/Earned-50.7 Points) A huge shout out and Congratulations go to Ms. Powe's class for an excellent job of reading last month (January/2024)! Wow! Ms. Powe's class has read the most books at Jackson-Steele Elementary School twice this school term.  However, if your class was not chosen this month, then just keep on reading. Remember, each month I will be selecting the class with the most points earned and the most books read in myON at JSES. So, I want everyone to look out for the "Ramped Up Reading Energy Congratulatory Banner" that will be displayed at our school recognizing the winning class for the month.  Additionally, when you see Ms. Powe's class around JSES's campus, please let grade 3 students know just how proud you all are of them and their "Reading Achievement" for January/2024. WOOHOO! WAY  TO GO COUGARS! I AM PROUD OF ALL OF  YOU! YOU DID IT AGAIN! I KNEW YOU COULD! WE MUST KEEP READING STUDENTS! 
Annie P. Hayes, Media Specialist


JSES Powe's Class 1a


Cougars! Guess Who Ramped Up Their Reading Energy With Reading The Most  Books In myON During December? 
(Grade 3-Ms. Powe's Class-Points Attained/Earned-98.7 Points) These are pictures of the students who read the most books for December and won the "Ramp-Up for Reading in myON Challenge" at JSES. Please do not forget to congratulate the students and teachers in grade three and view their "Congratulatory Banner" for December which is displayed inside of the school this month. Keep Reading Cougars! I am proud of all of you! Great Job! Grade three! See Pics Below...
Happy Reading! 
Ms. Annie P. Hayes, LMS


Powe's Class Photos-Grade 3


JSES Powe's Class 1b
Powe's Class Photos-Grade 3b